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Feel the evolution! Take a seat and drive as fast as possible in the Playseat® Evolution! Playseat® chairs are used by professional drivers, who acknowledge the unique Playseat® quality and confirm that Playseat® chairs faithfully reproduce the position and the feeling of driving a real racing car!

This Evolution seat has a black frame and the seating is covered with our ActiFit™ material, the ultimate gaming fabric. The ActiFit™ fabric consists of vertical microfibres that move the air. It keeps you cool during the most intense racing sessions. 

It can be used by adults and children, so all your friends and family members can enjoy this chair. This seat is very comfortable, stable and highly adjustable. Thanks to its unique, patented foldable design, it uses little space when not in use.

You’re in your gaming room. You’ve just unboxed what is basically a near-real GTR track. Unbelievable. The Playseat® Evolution will be a big win for you, and it’s all sponsored by our design team working tirelessly with pro drivers. Result

We teamed with pro drivers here and guess what? Together, we’ve dreamed up and designed an authentic racing simulator cockpit. See if you agree — the Playseat® Evolution’s real GTR sitting position tricks your mind into thinking you’re in a real racing car. Thanks to some stunning and superior technology, the seat translates the force feedback from your steering wheel perfectly to help you get both better and faster in no time.


 ? Developed in cooperation with professional racing drivers
 ? Authentic racing simulator cockpit, with GTR sitting position
 ? Superior build quality, stability, and comfort
 ? ActiFit™ fabric for hours of racing fun
 ? Fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes of drivers (from children to adults)
 ? Adjustable steering plate and pedal plate
 ? Easy to store due to its patented foldable design
 ? Very easy and quick assembly
 ? Compatible with all steering wheels and pedals on the market (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, etc.)
 ? Compatible with all consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.) PC and Mac



  •  ? Recommended drivers length:
    • Minimum 120 cm / 47 inch
    • Maximum 220 cm / 87 inch
  •  ? Recommended drivers weight:
    • Minimum 20 kg / 47 lbs
    • Maximum 122 kg / 270 lbs
  •  ? Dimensions (LxWxH): 130x50x98 cm / 51.2×19.7×38.6 inches
  •  ? Backrest height: 78 cm / 30.71 inches
  •  ? Seat height: 24 cm / 9.45 inches
  •  ? Seat width: 48 cm / 18.9 inches
  •  ? Seat depth: 46,5-50 cm / 18.31-19.69 inches
  •  ? Net weight: 19,8 kg / 43.65 lbs